the riddle of experience vs memory

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How do you balance your experiencing self and your remembering self so that you actually do not forget about each wonderful seconds your live in present? What kind of stories your remembering self tell afterwards? Is it just an ending or the whole story?
How often do we ask questions like ” hwat do oyu want to be remembered for in life?” ” what do you want to be your contribution to this world” ” what do you want your successors to tell about you”… these are all stories of remembering self. What if together with those questions we would also ask ” how do you want to live each second?” ” are you experiencing happinness at the moment”, ” do you feel happy with what you get at the moment?”

when was the last time you did something for the first time?

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This is exactly what we are doing for the first time… we have started our first company…It feels amazing; a mixture of sensitivity, joy, a bit of fear, butterflies in our stomacsh… a lot of people would confirm that starting your first company is like giving birth to your first child…It feels like its a magic and it really feels warm. It feels home…. on this first day of our first ever joint blog we just want to say we are grateful for this amazing place where life brought us. Let’s start 2 grow together998107_10151569267367186_2075678682_n.