Red pill for successful career and magic stick for happiness …

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Do you want to become the best ever public speaker, solve all your issues with time management, make your team love you or increase sales by 200 %…?  No problem, there are super-puper- mega trainings, seminars and master classes that will immediately change your life in 4 hours or, let’s say maximum 5 days!

When you see a super-confident person (especially if they are dressed well and are good looking) saying they will share their secrets of success or help you become the best of the best, the temptation is too big to simply run for it and say “I want this”. Perhaps it’s our inner child that so much wants to believe in magic, but for sure at those moments we truly believe or hope that there is the magic stick that will change us and our lives in couple of hours. And who said we don’t believe in Santa anymore? ))

We all want results: cheap, quality and yesterday! We all strive for efficiency and yet, here’s the paradox, people buy these “magic stick”, choosing to have the illusion of efficiency and escaping from real growth patterns, which might be more difficult to address.

In this everyday “rat race” we choose quick solutions and don’t want to face the truth, we might spend our time and money to listen to someone else’s secrets of success (that do not always work when copy-pasted), rather than going into a meaningful discussion or self-reflection.

As for us though  the illusion in a nice packaging looks good, but we still enjoy the challenge of in-depth growth. We do choose to grow in an ORGANIC way.

What happinness is…

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Once upon a time there lived two ordinary girls who were looking for an oridnary happinness in their lives.

But wait a minute, may be starting sentence ( therefore a life?) like as if its a fairy tale is already a mistake?

Or…let’s say if we start it like a fairy tale then the happinness must come right after the wedding somewhere in the middle of their lives  and the story should end  there.?  After all, ” …. they lived happily ever after”   doesn’t say much about  the type, qaulity and quantity of  the happinness happened.

In faily tales, meeting your second half is already happinness so the question is why don’t we stop striving for ” more” happinness all the time?  What if happinness is somehow overrated in our realities?  And what happinness is?

Is it a collection of happy moments? Is it a state of mind? Is it just  being grateful for what you have?

Does happinness consists of different elements and it doesn’t work without any of them or it’s just one thing out of many that can make you happy?

Can you measure happinneess? If yes, how do you measure it? Do you set it for yourself or there are universal happinness measurement index that everyone strives to measure up with?

And finally, is it continuos thing or just a flash?

the riddle of experience vs memory

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How do you balance your experiencing self and your remembering self so that you actually do not forget about each wonderful seconds your live in present? What kind of stories your remembering self tell afterwards? Is it just an ending or the whole story?
How often do we ask questions like ” hwat do oyu want to be remembered for in life?” ” what do you want to be your contribution to this world” ” what do you want your successors to tell about you”… these are all stories of remembering self. What if together with those questions we would also ask ” how do you want to live each second?” ” are you experiencing happinness at the moment”, ” do you feel happy with what you get at the moment?”