There are tons of theories, books and insight about what motivation is and where does it come from, however when it comes to every day life  it’s not so often when we think/analyze over the reasons of why suddenly something that has been so appealing, so interesting to us suddenly looses its attractiveness.

In fact, the same happens with motivation – once we get excited about something we do not think much why, what exactly motivates us to do certain things.

My small personal insight today is that if we do not track our motivation/demotivation causes then we probably do not monitor our motivation level throughout the process as we are not much aware of what should we monitor. In its turn, if we do not monitor it – we can not act fast to change the situation in case we need, this is why when demotivation comes and we suddenly feel no energy for doing something we were so keen to do we get so surprised.

To support this idea I made a small exercise thinking why do people choose to be involved in any kind of work and got a small model for myself.




So, here it is – people choose to be involved in a certain process based on these criteria and if at least they sense  2 – 3 elements are available , then it seems attractive/worthy to be involved.

However, your life context usually makes availability of certain element the most important decision making factor – and even sometimes even if all of other elements are missing still there is enough energy to do the job just because the priority element is present and vice versa, even if all the elements are in place while the most needed one is absent your motivation and therefore involvement level drastically goes down.

I am curious to know – what is your current driver of motivation?