Once upon a time there lived two ordinary girls who were looking for an oridnary happinness in their lives.

But wait a minute, may be starting sentence ( therefore a life?) like as if its a fairy tale is already a mistake?

Or…let’s say if we start it like a fairy tale then the happinness must come right after the wedding somewhere in the middle of their lives  and the story should end  there.?  After all, ” …. they lived happily ever after”   doesn’t say much about  the type, qaulity and quantity of  the happinness happened.

In faily tales, meeting your second half is already happinness so the question is why don’t we stop striving for ” more” happinness all the time?  What if happinness is somehow overrated in our realities?  And what happinness is?

Is it a collection of happy moments? Is it a state of mind? Is it just  being grateful for what you have?

Does happinness consists of different elements and it doesn’t work without any of them or it’s just one thing out of many that can make you happy?

Can you measure happinneess? If yes, how do you measure it? Do you set it for yourself or there are universal happinness measurement index that everyone strives to measure up with?

And finally, is it continuos thing or just a flash?