Today we would like to share about another milestone we have reached ; we have officially launched our “Growth Center” Program and we really enjoyed it.

The itneresting thing about this ” first time”  was  the lightness and the positive vibes that we’ve got and it totally took us by suprise as we somehow didn’t expect it in the setting of assessment.

Today I was watching  Zemfira’s live concert and later on reading her interview where she speaks about the public and the live concert and the difference of  atmosphere on the concerts with the same repertoire. That  idea really connects and resonates  with  what we felt at the end of the day.

Professionalism, preparations, thoughtfulness, punctuality – all that matters when you are doing a ‘”stage performance” ( no matter in which area).  What matters even more – is how much heart you put in your work.

But sometimes things just click because of the coincidental (?)  meeting of  the right set of people who were prescribed  meet each other one day to  transform and to complement each other .

First ‘ Growth Center” left the feeling of Warmth.