Say the words you want to say on time wthout expecting for an answer

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Somehow it turned out there is a tradition of closing a year with a report ( personal, professional etc). I noticed people feel accountable to the Universe and they make a lot of yearly reviews, summaries, statements, reports and even more pledges for an upcoming year. 

We, as individuals and as an organization also have a lot of things to remember and to feel thankful for but for now just wanted to share  the great conclusion/key learning of the year:

“Say the good words you want to say on time wthout expecting for an answer…”  

So many times we want to say things we really feel about people whom we don’t know so well or may be, we don’t know how will they react or after saying it finally, we are awaiting for their reply and when they do not react, we feel somehow cheated or ignored… 

And this creates the discomfortable feeling of being vulnerable and rejected. and then we just gradually quit saying good things to people whenever we feel it… most of the time, when the right time has gone we regret about that… 

I realized we got it wrong, we look for satisfaction in answer rather in saying itself and I thought thats a good example of everything we do – we too much look for satisfaction in the result or feed-back rather in process itself. 

Adn if we could learn this, how enjjoyable life would be with every word, with every warmth? …

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 


Do you love life as much as it worth it?

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Do you love life as much as it worth it?

What could we have achieved if we were not afraid? How many times in life we stepped back or just let go things we really wanted just because of the fear .. Sometimes  fear is really vital for us, its the basic instinct that comes from experience and intuition… but what if we dechifer our experience in a wrong way and generate wrong ” set of fears”? What if our exepriences many times giving us homework which we fail to understand and learn lessons from?

We are wishing you fearless Christmas and Happy New Growth!